Volume V of The Texicans

The Paladíns face a hidden new threat to their lives, their loves, and their ancestral home.

With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Paladín family throws itself wholeheartedly into the great national effort of World War II. But each of them has a hidden worry—even if life returns to normal once the conflict ends, will the regular home life they all long for ever return to their beloved Barony?

Now running the Barony and its many enterprises, Heath spreads himself thin providing the military with beef while the draft decimates the ranch’s supply of manpower. Byron, meanwhile, is forced to deal with the dangers of critical accidents and espionage as he works on a secret new project to develop atomic weapons at the remote Los Alamos research center. Darcy, a pacifist, is nevertheless doing his patriotic part and gives his film studio over to the U.S. Signal Corps to support the war effort with propaganda. Hollywood at large, though, is less than happy with his choices, and his profits are tanking.

The struggles, however, do not end even with Allied victory over the Axis Powers. World War II rolls right into a new confrontation with Russia known as the Cold War. As a showdown over Cuba threatens the world with extinction, Aubrey follows the breadcrumbs of security leaks that suggest the Russians have achieved the ultimate goal of every spymaster—a mole positioned high within America’s very government. But the Paladíns face their own ticking time bomb: a power-driven politician determined to claim not only the White House, but The Barony, as well.

In the final volume of New York Times bestselling author Parris Afton Bonds’ enthralling Texicans series, the Paladín progeny find themselves center stage in the great military, political, and social tumult of the mid-twentieth century. Amidst this backdrop, Bonds proves once again to be a master of her genre, weaving a tender and multi-layered tale of love, loss, loyalty, and survival into a single captivating narrative while bringing her epic saga to a satisfying close. Win or lose, The Banshees is a triumph.

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Book 5 – The Banshees

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