As an undercover investigator for a giant insurance corporation, Diana de Revillon is assigned to recover nine priceless stolen paintings. A professional with a 100% success record, the golden girl’s quest brings her into both the glittering world of mysterious and handsome billionaire David Mendel, who appears to fall for her socialite/party-girl cover, and the underworld of tough narc, Tom Estevez, who is wise to her.

Across the face of Europe’s dazzling cities to the showdown on David Mendel’s sumptuous yacht, both she and Tom pursue what they suspect the mastermind David has – the nine famous paintings to be exchanged for ‘snow and ice’, cocaine and diamonds. But in the diamond-studded glamour of Mendel’s world, the seducer has become the seduced. Diana has come under David’s fascinatingly masterful spell – and is brought to the brink of a damnable choice: expose him or trust him.

Imprint: Paradise Publishing
Snow and Ice

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