When two hearts are meant to be together, no matter how long it takes, how far they go, fate will conspire to unite them

The Luna land grant encompasses the artesian springs, miraculously there in the New Mexican desert, near the spot where the conquistador Coronado was believed to have passed in 1541. Rumor has it that he stashed a horde of gold at the springs on his return trip from the Seven Cities of Gold . . . and legend has it that the bottomless waters contains the mythical mermaid.

The fiery Mhaire wants her rights to the Luna land grant back. The masterful Miles needs Coronado’s stash of gold somewhere on the land grant. While a powerful attraction exists between them, they are both determined to gain their goals, despite the possible misfortune it could mean for the other.

If such a fanciful creature as a mermaid, indeed, inhabits those holy waters of Puerta de Luna, New Mexico, can there then be a fairy tale ending for Mhaire and Miles?

Imprint: Paradise Publishing
Doorway to the Moon

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