MADNESS! All three novels ~ Midsummer Midnight, Man For Hire, and Wanted Woman in one boxed set.

MADNESS! That time of Midsummer-Midnight when all is revelry and debauchery in Macedonia. That unbelievable moment when Damon Demetrios kidnaps Helena Hamilton

MADNESS! That time when Khalid, the Lion of the Desert, an urbane British-educated sheikh, consents to the lovely Alyx Langford's desperate proposition in order to add her to his possessions.

MADNESS! That time when fourteen-years-older Lady Philippa falls for former British Secret Service agent Giles Hayes-David, despite the undermining suspicion of both patriotic and personal betrayal as rampant as the chemistry sparking between them.

Imprint: Paradise Publishing
Midsummer Madness Box Set

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