Sir Colin Donovan, British Under-secretary representative, won’t give up until Anne Maren is his.
Brant Powers, rogue scout for Sam Houston’s Rangers, won’t give up Anne Maren as his.
And Anne Maren, young Scottish aristocrat, won’t give up as captive to brutal Pohotquosh.
But as Anne journeys back and forth across the Texas frontier, to whom will she give up her heart?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Anne is willing to risk all for the one thing in this life she has ever wanted – her childhood sweetheart, Colin, which her arranged marriage to a Texas frontier preacher has prevented her from having. Now only the soulless Brant Powers stands in her way of reuniting with Colin. Brant, winning her in a fight as both his captive and bride, is hauling her kicking and screaming across the empty expanse that is the Republic of Texas. Colin is determined to reclaim her as his own . . . and all three must ask themselves if what they are willing to live for is what they are willing to die for.

Imprint: Paradise Publishing
The Flash of the Firefly

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